Did Mother Nature give you the short end of the stick when it came to your bust genes? Or maybe its just that time has taken its toll. Its ok lots of women feel this way so your certainly not alone. But lets take this opportunity and get all of this out in the open by having an open, honest conversation about the subject shall we?
There is certainly nothing wrong with that, if thats what you want, but it is worth mentioning that its not always in your best interest to go with the adult movie star size and shape. You may end up regretting going so big.We have been inundated with images from glamour magazines, R and X rated movies, and commercials on television all portraying incredibly large breasted women that have a chest that also seems to defy the natural laws of gravity.

From the womens side of things, if you go to big for your body structure you may end up having back problems and poor posture. Not to mention the fact that it will just be downright uncomfortable lugging those things around all day and night for the rest of your life!

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From a mans side of thing, they dont all enjoy boobs that big. In fact, many men actually prefer a smaller more natural look (even if its artificial,I think you get my point). Something that is more manageable during an erotic encounter. Males in general love not only the visual aspect of a womans bust, but the hands on effect, in other words, a pair that gives them a nice handful but is not so big as to be almost cartoonish and downright impractical.

It really boils down to what you want as its your body. Its your self image and self esteemand its you who will have them as, quite literally, part of your person from here on out. Every day of looking in the mirror at what you chose. Couple that with the various types and levels of reaction from other people, both women and men. This should all influence your decision and caution you not to make a hasty choice.

So to bottom line it, if you want to go all out and get a set of double Ds more power to ya and I say go for it! But make sure its what you really want long term. Have a good long talk with the plastic surgeon that you choose to do the operation and get both his professional and personal opinion. And of course, if you have a significant other in your life, be sure to have a serious conversation with them about it as well.

All things said and done, perhaps you should think long and hard with what you and those around you would be most happy with which may well be a cup size or two smaller than you might start out thinking about. Whatever you choose, I say good luck to you and enjoy your new found body as much as humanly possible!

Breast augmentation operation

Ladies in Aventura, whats holding you back from getting a breast augmentation operation done? One thing that Ive learned is that we shouldnt squash our desires, least of all for fear of what other people may think, money worries, or anything else for that matter.

I cannot place the author of it,  but there is a great book called What other people think about me is none of my business! So let others judge or be envious as the case may bejust do what you want and enjoy yourself! As far as money issues go, most doctors offer a very affordable monthly payment plan so that is no longer an excuse either

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